Letter from Robert Gioia and James Kaskie
Best Initiatives in healthcare

Whether working in the private sector or the public arena, we share the same goal. All of us are committed to strengthening the healthcare system for Western New York. And as we put the Great Lakes Health System vision of unified healthcare delivery into practice, we'll continue to partner with physicians, nurses, researchers and educators.

  •       Michael Cain, MD
  •       Frank Curci
  •       Jonathon Dandes
  •       Abeer Eddib, MD
  •       Shelley Drake
  •       Robert D. Gioia (Chair)
  •       Kathleen Grimm, MD
  •       Christopher Kerr, MD
  •       Jody L. Lomeo
  •       Nancy Nielsen, MD
  •       Satish K. Tripathi, PhD
  •       Peter Winkelstein, MD